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2021: Prioritizing Customer and Rep Experience

We look back on the top articles of 2021 and how Digital Customer Service has reshaped the customer experience and improved service delivery.

Gratitude for YOU, the Digital Customer Service Community

As 2021 comes to a close, we are reflecting on the amazing experiences that we’ve had with customers, partners, and the broader financial community.

How to Reinvent Customer Service–OnScreen

Kate Leggett of Forrester and Glia’s Rick DeLisi discussed how companies can reinvent customer service OnScreen. View our recap.

The Race To Keep Up With Customer Expectations

Neglecting customer service, falling short of customer expectations and failing to meet customers where they are is like running with lead shoes.

Rev Up P&C Insurance Sales with a Seamless Customer Journey

The digital customer experience is driving sales for P&C insurance. This fun infographic highlights the benefits and how to rev up sales.

Chat is No Longer Enough to Deliver Customer Service

Is web chat enough to deliver a seamless customer experience? We delve into why chat alone is not enough.

See The World The Way Customers See It

Do you think ABOUT your customers or think LIKE your customers? Digital Customer Service can help visualize and improve the customer experience.

Know Your Customer … Digitally

Develop a closer relationship with customers and members, while also maintaining security and a personalized connection. Digital Customer Service can help build trust and improve the customer experience.

Digital Transformation is All About Experience

One of our partners, Apiture, explores transforming the digital banking experience. "In the age of digital technology, it all comes down to experience."

Glianeer Stories: First Week Reflections

Starting a new job can be nerve wracking. You’re excited to join the team, but it’s hard to know what it’ll be like. 2 Glianeers share their experiences.