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Why The Glia Virtual Assistant Is Now Trusted by Over 100...

Here’s how the Glia Virtual Assistant has become one of the most trusted AI solutions in the financial services industry.

Interactions with Generative AI: Q&A with Jay Choi on Gen AI

Generative AI is here to stay: We asked Jay Choi, Chief Product Officer, how Glia is looking to implement this new disruptive technology.

No, Generative AI is Not the Latest Fright Night Monster

The key is in leveraging GenAI to enhance—not replace—service reps. View areas where AI can make financial institutions more efficient.

Time to be Cutting-Edge, Not Cutting Corners on Member-Facing Technology

Financial institutions want their frontline interaction technology to enable efficiency and growth while elevating user satisfaction. Here’s how to do it.

Insurance Digital Self-Service Still Requires Human Support 

Insurance companies have been playing catch up when it comes to the digital experience they provide to their policyholders and agents. The...

It’s Never Too Early For More Efficient Customer Service

While it’s a bit too early to start hanging the stockings, it’s always a good idea to look into efficient customer service.

Gauging Customer Centricity

Take our test to determine if your financial institution is truly customer-centric. See how an interaction strategy can help!

Using the Right Interaction Platform to Fight Fraud

Many FIs assume that their technologies contain the highest level of security to fight fraud. Check out the 4 key elements of a secure interaction platform

Customer Interaction Strategy ROI: More Than Meets the Eye

Delve into 7 critical areas where your customer interaction strategy may be delivering substantial returns that don't always get the credit they deserve.

Optimizing the Online Sales Experience to Boost Conversions

Companies can secure more customers by pairing their online self-service sales experience with proactive on-screen support, ultimately reducing form abandonments.