Tooling Up for Success: Delivering a Seamless Agent Experience

Embed tools and screens representatives need within a single point of access

In the fast-paced world of customer service, every second counts. Yet too often, representatives find themselves bogged down by the cumbersome task of navigating through a myriad of tools and screens just to assist a single customer. Not to mention all of the different systems representatives need to meet their own needs as employees–which are sometimes upwards of twenty to thirty different screens per day. At Glia, we’ve listened to your challenges, and we’re excited to introduce a game-changer: Glia Workzone, your simplified UI to drive efficiency and deliver a seamless agent experience.

Glia Workzone isn’t another representative interface, it’s a fundamental shift in how contact center tools are both integrated and accessed. Say goodbye to the days of bouncing between systems and screens: With Glia Workzone, the applications your representatives need are seamlessly embedded into their Glia screen and available for use at any point in time. Whether it’s CRM systems, ticketing platforms, or knowledge bases, everything is right at their fingertips, boosting productivity and streamlining workflows. With a single pane of glass view into the tools they need–representatives can better serve customers and members with speed and efficiency.

It’s not just about making life easier for representatives when serving customers, however: it’s also about simplifying how representatives and managers handle their tasks as employees more efficiently. Within the Glia Workzone, employees can access their schedules, swap shifts, or access policy intranet pages. Managers can easily handle time-off requests, calendars, or see their team’s performance directly within the platform. By simplifying the desktop environment, Glia Workzone enhances the employee and manager experience, driving tool adoption and retention.

Flexibility is key in today’s dynamic business environment, especially when it comes to technology. That’s why Glia Workzone is designed to be highly customizable, allowing organizations to extend the Glia platform to their specific needs. Whether you’re aiming to mirror an external screen or infuse the user interface with your organization’s unique branding, Glia empowers customers to tailor the platform to suit their exact requirements.

Perhaps the most compelling aspect of Glia Workzone is its ability to reduce the total cost of ownership for organizations. Traditionally, integrating and maintaining technology platforms can be a costly endeavor. However, with Glia’s innovative approach powered by Glia Functions, organizations can build and integrate applications into the Glia Workzone with ease. Hosted on Glia’s proprietary infrastructure, these integrations significantly reduce the financial burden, enabling customization of the platform to specific business needs more efficiently.

If you’re looking to empower your representatives, streamline your operations, and reduce costs, it’s time to tool up for success with Glia Workzone. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to efficiency.