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Agents = Teachers

Dive into what makes a great representative–from skill sets to tools–to deliver an effortless, 5-star experience. Empower agents to guide conversations.

Beyond Technical Support: Client Engineering at Glia

A Glia Client Engineer is that special mix of people person and tech-savvy. Client Engineers are driven to dig deeper into the technology & help our clients get the most out of it.

Digital Customer Service: “Nice-To-Have?” Or “Need-To-Have?”

What is holding back your digital transformation journey? The move to Digital Customer Service is happening, we explore why.

SMS Can Energize Your Customer Experience … Or Detract From It

It's hard to ignore the potential to reach and engage customers through SMS text messaging. Learn how SMS fits seamlessly into Digital Customer Service.

Why Do Customers Love DCS So Much?

It’s the Ultimate in Customer-Centricity Virtually every company says they are focused on their customers more than ever before....

Putting the Us in Customer

Supporting internal needs is often a secondary priority behind customers. What if we served employees with the same vigor that we served our customers?

The Digital-First World Demands Reliability, Security, and Scalability

From a reliability and security perspective, can your critical customer engagement platform help you manage through and even avoid downtime?

The Reality You Don’t Want Your CFO To Know About

Your service model is costing your company too much to create a worse customer experience. See how a seamless service model can impact your bottom line.

“Digital Customer Service” Named to Forbes’ List of Top Business Books...

The book, Digital Customer Service, joins the ranks of works by noted authors like Fred Reichheld and CX thought leader Dan Gingess.

Confidence in the Cloud: Consistently Connect with Customers

Customer communication is crucial. Learn how Glia is architected to keep customer service up and running, even during major Cloud outages.