Insurers Find Marketing Value in Digital Customer Service

Delivering Customer Satisfaction Beyond the Catchphrase

Even Neanderthals can’t miss all of the mayhem around insurance catchphrases and other advertisements advertising how much money consumers can save by switching. After all, insurers spend billions of dollars each year on branding and marketing to drive traffic to their digital properties. But once consumers and agents visit your site, how do you ensure that they are in good hands? Carriers can gain additional Marketing value and set themselves apart in a crowded marketplace by providing a 5-star digital experience. Improved online conversions and smooth transactions lead to better returns on marketing investments and increased customer satisfaction ratings.

The value of getting on a wide range of online “Best of” lists that are out there today cannot be ignored. These influential resources are starting to prioritize digital connectivity in ranking insurance carriers. In fact, offering more ways to connect with customers than just phone or email is now recognized as a major factor in determining leading insurers in top rankings.  Nerd Wallet’s “Best Life Insurance Companies,” for example, lists four major factors with specific weightings that impact the rankings on their list:

  • Consumer Complaints: 40%
  • Financial Strength: 40%
  • Choice of Communication Channels: 10%
  • Policy Detail Availability: 10%

Carriers Improve Rankings with Digital Customer Service

How does Digital Customer Service (DCS) add marketing value? DCS offers multiple ways to engage in, and seamlessly move between, communication channels such as chat, text messaging, social media, voice and video. Digital engagement can also be front-ended by conversational AI bots and seamlessly pass conversations to live operators if more assistance is needed.  Offering greater choices of channels, supported by OnScreen Collaboration, can make a difference that may propel you onto the list of “Best Life Insurance Companies” and influence your ranking, maybe pushing you ahead of some major competitors. 

DCS can play a strategic role in reducing customer complaint rates by enhancing communications during customer engagements, such as claims processes. How many complaints are about friction and frustrating experiences in trying to reach a knowledgeable agent that can help?

Consider also how DCS engagement can provide richer understanding of policy options, yet another factor in ranking insurance providers. While policy detail availability refers to self-service resources that allow customers to find the details they need to make the best option selections on their own, a live support representative can guide customers OnScreen and help them find the information they need, quickly and efficiently.

DCS can improve financial strength too, building both customer loyalty and your reputation for good customer service. As more carriers put customers at the center of everything they do, you can see how DCS can help boost your ranking across the board and more importantly, boost your overall business.  

But who looks at Nerd Wallet anyway? Lots of consumers, actually, and they don’t need to be nerds themselves. It isn’t the only ranking focused on communications options and customer service. Some also include customer satisfaction and Net Promoter scores as key indicators—factors that are heavily influenced by the availability of additional communication channels and informed, digitally engaged agents. Learn more about how insurers benefit from Digital Customer Service.