Guiding Insurance Customers to Success On Screen


How P&C Insurers are Differentiating Themselves in in the Marketplace

There is no doubt that the pandemic changed businesses far and wide. Social distancing, quarantines and remote work have impacted consumer expectations and how businesses deliver goods and services. This includes the insurance industry: many have grappled with the desire to deliver impeccable and uninterrupted customer service while their teams work remotely. Customers have come to expect access to offerings online and for insurers to meet them within their digital journey.

In response to consumer demand, Decision Research reports that in 2020 many P&C insurers “improved customer service areas such as self-service portals for policyholders, designed more user-friendly websites and apps, and optimized their call centers to manage additional doubts and concerns from policyholders.”

Customer-Centricity Sets Insurers Apart

So how are property & casualty insurers responding to evolving consumer needs, and how can they continue to differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace? Innovation is often accompanied by a need to help customers adapt to change. Insurers offering Digital Customer Service can help customers adapt and thrive by meeting customers where they are—On Screen.

Digital Customer Service helps make any live interaction with customers simple and easy. P&C insurers can layer rich collaboration on any of their existing quoting, application, servicing or claims web experiences.

We explore this topic further in our white paper, “How P&C Insurers are Using Digital Customer Service as a Differentiator.” Request the white paper to learn about:

  • The impact of digitization on the contact center 
  • What today’s customer interactions look like
  • How a truly digital customer experience can help
  • Making a case for conversational AI
  • Differentiating yourself in the market through your customer service