Improve Employee Experience to Reverse the Great Resignation Dover Federal Boosts Employee and Member Experiences

Dover Federal Boosts Employee and Member Experiences 

Perhaps at no other time in our history has the employee experience been more important, superseding even the holy grail of business itself—the customer experience. It’s challenging to deliver legendary service with staff shortages. As the Great Resignation continues, with record numbers of employees leaving the workforce, staff retention and recruitment has emerged as a top business priority.

The obvious strategy is to raise salaries and offer attractive benefits that keep team members from resigning. It’s more important, however, to address the fundamental reasons why people leave in the first place.

Consider customer service representatives who often face difficult conversations around overdraft fees, collections or suspicious account activity, for example. Supporting anxious customers or members is already challenging enough, yet many organizations have outdated, phone-first engagement platforms that only make the situation worse. Like sending a fraud alert via SMS text message, but not allowing the customer to actually respond. Or forcing a member in live chat to make a phone call to resolve an issue. 

We often focus on how frustrating it is for online customers or members to make a phone call and start an engagement all over again with a whole new service rep, re-authenticating and re-explaining their issue. Consider how frustrating this is for the service team, who genuinely want to help and even guide members. That same seamless digital engagement that creates a better member experience also greatly improves the employee experience. In fact the Great Resignation helps us understand how interconnected both truly are.

Unexpected Improvements to Employee Experiences

Take Dover Federal Credit Union in Delaware, for example. This visionary institution recently transformed its contact center with Glia’s Digital Customer Service (DCS) platform to deliver a better member experience. Driving the Average Wait Time down 40% and the Average Handle Time dropped 21% and counting, Dover Federal’s management team was expecting the positive reviews it gets from its members.

What surprised management, however, was how popular the DCS platform is with the service staff. Dover Federal had planned to completely migrate from its contact center to a full Digital Customer Service platform by steadily driving all engagements to Glia. It quickly became apparent that service reps strongly preferred being assigned to DCS service and were even demotivated to answer contact center calls.

Dover Federal accelerated its plans to shift to a full DCS solution, which included Glia Phone to digitalize traditional calls and replace the contact center. The shift has allowed Dover Federal to improve the employee experience across the board for all service reps. Further, it simplified administration and reporting by having all customer engagements together on a single unified platform. 

It’s typical for Glia clients to see an improvement in the employee experience, but this is usually an added benefit of DCS. Dover Federal flipped the script and focused on the employee experience first. In the process, the credit union greatly improved both the employee and member experience, providing one of the strongest cases yet that both are intrinsically linked. 

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