2021: Prioritizing Customer and Rep Experience Revisiting our Most Popular Customer Service Articles

Revisiting our Most Popular Customer Service Articles

As we reflect on 2021, we wanted to revisit our top posts and trends for the year. Based upon visitor statistics, it is clear that helping service representatives and improving the customer experience are top-of-mind. Here are some of the articles that you visited the most this year:

Get your Agents to Stop Asking This One Question 
Rick DeLisi argues that the seemingly simple question “How may I help you?” is damaging to the customer experience. Read Rick’s thoughts on how you can meet customers in the middle of their journey.

How to Manage a Virtual Agent: Fate of the Bots 
Part 7 of a 9 part series, this article examines how to best approach your team of “virtual” agents: your bots. While bots are never late, do not tire, and are programmed to continually improve, they still need supervision. Steve Kaish explores the topic further in the article.

Add Clarity to Your Customer Service Interactions
We explore what is stopping companies from offering amazing digital customer experiences. The article discusses how LibertyFi enhanced their customer experience with Glia’s CoBrowsing capabilities. CoBrowsing puts their agents on the same page as their advisors and saves time and frustration. 

It’s a Digital World–Can you Afford Not to Use DCS?
Social distancing accelerated a trend that was already underway—the expansion of digital interactions between organizations and their members and customers. Even “digitally reluctant” people had to shift from the physical to the digital world. High-quality digital interactions became crucial; we explore what this “new normal” means for your customers and members. 

Expand Member Reach with Virtual Branches
As financial organizations consider these priorities, virtual branches can help fulfill many key strategic needs—enabling them to meet customers and members in their comfort zones, delivering scalable solutions, increasing employee engagement and productivity, and more. In this article we explore the impact of virtual branches and how Unitus Community Credit Union reduced handle times and improved member satisfaction with Digital Customer Service in their virtual branch. 

Continuing the Customer Experience Momentum

In 2022, we expect that customer experience will continue to be top-of-mind for financial services executives. Digitizing customer service strategy is expected to be a top priority, along with breaking customer stereotypes, evolving the customer service representative role, and more widespread adoption of Digital Customer Service.