Upgrade your digital experiences with OnScreen Collaboration and more.

Become Indispensable with OnScreen Collaboration

In previous posts, we have encouraged you to “Get Your Agents to Stop Asking this One Question” and to consider if you can afford to not move to Digital Customer Service (DCS). So what is stopping you from offering amazing digital customer experiences?

Support Customers with a Connected Experience

In The Effortless Experience, the authors studied more than 125,000 customers and thousands of service representatives to see what makes customers loyal. They concluded that the most significant predictor of disloyalty is the degree of customer effort required.

Using DCS, you can reduce customer effort and co-pilot users to successful outcomes and differentiate yourself in the process. As in-person interactions have become de-emphasized, customers still want personalized communications with financial institutions. Whether your customer is on-screen or near-screen, you can literally get on the same page as your customers and guide them to an expedient resolution with DCS. The result? Reduced handle times, increased form completions, and increased customer loyalty. 

Become Indispensable to Your Customers & Advisors

LibertyFi, LLC provides investment advisors with middle-office support, including set-up, conversion, configuration and use of their technology platform. Since their customers work in the private wealth space, getting answers quickly can mean the difference between completing a trade before the market closes. LIbertyFi found that difference in Glia’s CoBrowsing capabilities, which puts their agents on the same page as their advisors and saves time and frustration. Now, 98% of their calls begin with CoBrowsing and advisors even immediately request CoBrowsing with the LibertyFi agents. “Glia has helped us connect with advisors visually and set-up a screenshare quickly. The value-add is undeniable,” said Davis Priester, Senior Consultant at LibertyFi.

Watch the full LibertyFi video to hear directly from their team the impact that offering a connected experience has on their business. 

You can offer an impeccable digital experience to your members and customers too. Request your personalized demo today.