Rick Delisi - Why I Joined Glia

By Rick DeLisi, Co-Author “The Effortless Experience”

For the better part of the past two decades, I’ve been studying the science and art of creating “low-effort” service experiences.  What I’ve learned from this ongoing research is that reducing customer effort is the most efficient and effective service strategy to achieve both customer retention and long-term loyalty.  In our book we share all the research behind the conclusion that focusing on customer effort is smart, it’s surprisingly easy, and it works.

And the more I’ve been learning about Glia—first as a researcher and observer, and now as one of the newest members of the team—the more clear it is that they’ve “cracked the code” on effortlessness, in 3 distinct ways:

1. The way Glia enables companies to create an effortless digital experience for their customers.

We all know that over the last decade, customer expectations, behaviors and the underlying psychology behind those behaviors has been changing.  Most customers now live virtually their entire lives in the “digital realm”—and this requires companies to re-think their approach to service.  There’s more complexity.  The issues customers can’t solve themselves in self-service are often more challenging. The experience of using different channels within the same service journey can create a disconnected experience—which we know is a major driver of high customer effort. 

But with the Glia solution, companies can tie all their channels together (including live chat and voice) into one single platform, so if customers need to connect with a live agent, they will never have to repeat their issue and start all over again. For the agents themselves, they can even offer co-browsing so customers can learn to be even more self-sufficient in the future.  For the first time ever, it is now possible to achieve a truly effortless Digital Customer Service experience.

2. The way Glia is enabling companies to take a big step forward in their goal of “digital transformation.”

One thing I’ve been learning:  The exact interpretation of that phrase varies wildly from one company to another, and from one leader to another within the same company.  But when it comes to service, digital transformation should mean BOTH the technologies your company chooses (the “digital” part), and your understanding of how digital can create new opportunities to improve both the customer experience and the experience of your employees (the “transformation” part). The Glia solution creates major advantages in both areas.

3. The way the Glia team is creating an experience for its customers.

Of all the things I’ve been learning about this (my new) company, the single thing that makes me the proudest is the reaction I’ve been hearing from Glia’s clients.  When people who have been in the Service industry for their entire careers say, “Glia provides me with the best service I’ve ever experienced from any vendor or any company I’ve ever done business with,” that is some high praise! So, that’s why I joined Glia.  And I couldn’t be more excited to be part of the team and their WhiteGlove customer success philosophy that is helping companies achieve the ultimate “effortless experience” in their Digital Customer Service.