Glia + Infosys

Today we have the honor of recognizing Glia’s partnership with Infosys, a global leader of next-generation digital solutions, advisory, and consulting services, to extend Digital Customer Service to Infosys’ business clients across the globe. Together, we are poised to optimize call center operations and improve the customer experience for businesses seeking to realize the benefits of a digital-first approach. 

In today’s digital world, the traditional siloed approach to customer service simply no longer cuts it. Our platform enables businesses to easily implement the modern customer service approach necessary to strengthen relationships and cement loyalty. With Infosys, we are gaining a trusted, strategic global partner who will help us scale. Together, we look forward to helping accelerate the adoption of Digital Customer Service around the world.

Through the partnership, Glia’s modern customer communications and collaboration platform will add seamless digital capabilities to traditional telephony-based call centers for business clients. This allows customers to communicate with businesses through their channel of choice, whether that’s voice, messaging, or video chat, supported by CoBrowsing, screen-sharing, and post-interaction surveys. With this digital-first method of customer service, businesses can increase online sales, reduce average handle times within their call center and boost overall customer satisfaction.

Partnering with Infosys allows Glia to reach even more businesses worldwide, helping these organizations provide a smoother, more convenient customer experience, one that differentiates them in the market.