Supercharge P&C Insurance Sales with the Digital Customer Experience

Supercharge P&C Insurance Sales with the Digital Customer Experience

The Property and Casualty (P&C) insurance industry is being dramatically transformed by digital technologies that are shifting the customer relationship back to the carriers. Beyond working through third-party agents or brokers to purchase insurance policies, more customers are going directly to insurance carriers via their website and other digital channels. Driven by the convenience of online shopping, insurance companies are now expected to provide information that helps customers learn about policies, compare options and even complete an application from virtually any connected device, 24/7.

“To ensure growth and future-readiness, the most strategic insurers strive to be an Inventive Insurer — assuming a customer-centric approach, deploying intelligent processes, practicing business resilience and go-to-market agility, and embracing an open ecosystem.”

Capgemini 2021 trends report

While there are significant challenges in providing direct-to-customer sales processes, there is a tremendous opportunity for insurance carriers to accelerate the sales cycle, build loyalty and grow market share. In fact, the digital experience — for both customers and agents — is emerging as a top business differentiator in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Customer-Centricity Accelerates Success

Providing customers and agents with a seamless, ‘digital-first’ experience can accelerate sales success. Using the customers’ ‘digital footprint’ can help agents understand and anticipate customer needs, and help you meet customers where they are in the process.

Digital Customer Service has enabled insurers to dramatically reduce online abandonment rates, accelerate sales processes, and improve agent quote-to-bind processes. 

Putting customers and agents at the center of P&C insurance sales processes is within reach. Request Glia’s white paper to learn how you can Supercharge P&C Insurance Sales with the Digital Experience