Deliver a better client experience online.

Meet Your Customers Where They Are: Online.

Business and technology are evolving, but the desire to deliver a personalized client experience has not changed. As markets have become more globalized, companies are striving to provide an experience that mirrors face-to-face interactions while also meeting customers where they are: on their screens. 

Assessing Roadblocks

The journey to achieving true digital customer service includes a few steps. Before you can achieve a seamless customer experience, you should assess your current systems and processes: 

  • Do your customers have to leave your digital properties to interact with your customer service team?
  • Is your phone system flexible and can your team make necessary adjustments internally? 
  • Are your customer engagement channels — chat, voice, phone, SMS, social messaging — accessible through a single system and do they offer your operators single-click access?
  • Can your customers move from one digital medium to another without having to restart their inquiry with each transition? 
  • Are your frontline agents able to see your customers’ online activities and visually guide them through sticking points?

Once you have identified gaps in your systems and processes, you can begin your journey to delivering a personalized client experience on their screens. 

Transforming Client Engagements

Orion Advisor Solutions, a premier provider of tech-enabled fiduciary processes, wanted to streamline their advisor and agent experiences, so they turned to Glia for a full digital customer service solution. The Orion team wanted to deliver a personalized digital experience for their advisors, but an inflexible phone system limited its ability to make changes. Further, the company wanted to simplify the effort required for agents and advisors to engage and collaborate with each other. 

Orion took a digital-first approach to provide a seamless experience for agents and advisors. They replaced their entire engagement system with Glia’s Digital Customer Service (DCS) platform, including phone, OnScreen voice, CoBrowsing, chat, and AI management. Now when their advisors log into an Orion portal, there is no phone number to be found. This leads users to reach out within the digital experience. Orion can further provide a personal level of service, engage with their advisors online, and upgrade communication modes with a single click.

“Glia simplified communications with customers. And with the assistance of CoBrowsing, we are able to show them rather than tell them.”

– Amanda Steinspring, Director of Service Technology, Orion Advisor Solutions

80% of Orion’s engagements start online, and with the implementation of Digital Customer Service, those interactions can stay online. Read the complete customer success story to learn more.