Finn AI acquisition combines chatbot verticalization with Glia’s ability to scale

If you haven’t heard the news yet, Glia has acquired Finn AI. First, a warm welcome to the Finn AI team as you join the Glia family. Your addition further expands the breadth of our talent and brings state-of-the-art conversational AI solutions to Glia. Finn is significant for our growth and advances Digital Customer Service (DCS) with powerful automation options. The addition of pre-built virtual assistants optimized for the Glia platform is already benefiting a number of clients and will appeal to a growing list of financial institutions seeking to improve efficiency. 

Our combined offering with Finn blends both human and virtual assistance, along with seamless transitions between the two. 

The Finn acquisition, however, is about more than offering tightly integrated conversational AI for our platform. We believe this marks an exciting new chapter for virtual assistants to greatly increase both adoption and value. By bringing together an industry-leading chatbot for financial services with the leading DCS platform for financial institutions, Glia can now deliver AI verticalization with scale. 

Chatbots have gone through a ‘hype cycle’ evolution over the past decade, as an explosion of providers burst onto the scene with ambitious, ‘one-size-fits-all’ horizontal solutions. Sadly, most failed to deliver on the promise of conversational AI, with many folding. This in turn led a new generation to develop vertical solutions that focus on specific domains, such as banking. Finn is a leading provider of virtual assistants developed specifically for digital banking, offering value to banks and credit unions right out of the virtual ‘box.’ 

But verticalization alone is not enough to drive pervasive adoption. To be effective, virtual assistants must be fully integrated with the DCS platform, not simply bolted onto a chat app as another disparate point solution. To scale across an industry, conversational AI must be easy to deploy and manage in addition to providing industry-specific solutions. Together we have a great opportunity to accelerate conversational AI for digital banking and beyond as we develop domain-driven solutions for other areas within financial services. 

Please note that Glia will continue to work with our ecosystem of AI partners to ensure that the leading conversational AI solutions are available and meet the needs of our clients. We strongly believe in freedom of choice. We see the advantages of Finn virtual assistants and will invest in further developing Finn-based AI solutions for our DCS platform.

We believe the time is right for conversational AI to finally break through and gain broad traction within the financial services industry based on the maturity of the Finn AI technology and its vertical approach. Combined with our growing client base and strong momentum, we can deliver the scale needed, as we continuously raise the bar for DCS.