Exceed Customer Expectations with 3 Key Steps to Digital Customer Service

In Three Easy Steps

With digital banking users expected to exceed 200M in the US this year, the digital experience needs to not only be seamless but also flexible. As more users embrace digital banking, online expectations continuously increase. So how can you manage that moving target?

Digital Customer Service (DCS) provides high-touch online support that can continuously evolve to meet growing customer expectations. By fully integrating all digital channels onto a single platform, financial institutions can deliver seamless customer and member experiences that stay within the digital domain and address fluctuating customer needs. This gives you the flexibility to meet them where they are and exceed customer expectations in today’s fast-moving world without skipping a beat. 

“Success is not delivering a feature, it is learning how to solve the customer’s problem.” 

– Eric Ries, American entrepreneur, blogger, and author of The Lean Startup

Solving a customer’s problem is not always easy in the digital realm though. How do you know what they are looking at? Or which part of a web page they are on? They may be asking for a certain form but actually need another. Having the right DCS platform will give your customer service team the tools they need to appropriately guide and educate through the entire engagement, increasing conversion opportunities and overall satisfaction. 

Here are three key steps to lead your institution successfully on your DCS journey. 

  1. Engage visitors. Your visitors are online, so why not meet them there? Ensuring that they have different ways of reaching out to you as questions arise is critical for a smooth customer experience. Chat and SMS are often customer engagement starting points. Engaging through bots for simple interactions allows them to meet their own needs easily and efficiently, while bringing in a live representative when more complex questions arise keeps them engaged at their point of need. Representatives can then use tools such as Live Observation and CoBrowsing to interact meaningfully with your visitors to answer their questions and solve their problems.
  1. Provide online audio options. Chat features are helpful but sometimes talking directly to someone can shorten the resolution time and answer questions more effectively. Yet, asking a customer or member to disengage and call a toll-free number often leads to customer dissatisfaction and drives up the abandonment rate. Providing digital options, like OnScreen Voice, where they can speak to a rep through their laptop or mobile device continues the engagement without breaking the connection. This puts the customer/member in the driver’s seat making them feel more important and decreasing abandonment rates. 
  1. Expand communication. Technology continues to advance and so should your digital communications. Some institutions may find that it is easier to start with chat then add OnScreen voice. But even that may not be enough. You may find that the personal touch of video can help maintain important relationships and boost cross-selling opportunities. And if you need to authenticate new customers, a video feature allows you to correctly identify digital users. Having a DCS platform that gives you the options you need not just today and tomorrow but for the future is imperative for that competitive edge.  

To help you boost your Digital Customer Service and learn how to start exceeding customer expectations, check out our resource library for useful guides, case studies, and white papers.