A Tale of Two CXs


How are you connecting with customers in an OnScreen World?

Every company talks about the customer experience. They study it, measure it, and analyze it. Resources and people are dedicated to improving it. Every company knows that positive interactions with customers are critical to long-term loyalty.

But the problem with the customer experience when it comes to SERVICE…is that for most organizations it’s not one thing, it’s two things.  Two things that are disconnected and separate from each other:

  1. The digital experience
  2. The phone experience

One of the leading causes of high customer effort (which has a significant negative impact on long-term loyalty) is the disconnected “seamfulness” of Service experiences–particularly those that require a customer to call a company in the midst of a digital interaction online.  To customers, the digital and the phone experiences feel completely different.

Research shows that nearly 70% of customers who call a company started their service interaction online.  In most cases, these are customers who went to your website or app trying to figure out how to get what they wanted.

But for those who aren’t able to–customers who need some additional “Customer Service”–they do the only thing they could do at that point, which is to call.

Making customers stop in the midst of a digital experience and forcing them to start their journey all over again on the phone feels out of step with the way they live in today’s digital-first world.  It feels like you don’t care as much anymore: 

The customer was trying to have ONE experience, but you are forcing them to have TWO totally different experiences.

We can’t continue to treat customers this way, and there is no need to. By moving to a Digital Customer Service (DCS) platform, when a customer needs additional assistance it’s available right on their screen.  Even if they need to talk with an agent, it all happens on your website or app.  And by the time the agent says “hello” they already know who the customer is and have a general idea of what the customer is trying to accomplish. The agent has context and doesn’t need to ask how they can help the customer.

In DCS, the digital experience and the phone experience are completely seamless because they are all ONE experience–there is no “switching” involved–the entire interaction takes place on the customer’s screen where the operator has a visual context of the customer’s needs to better guide them to success.  The customer chooses how to engage — chat, phone, OnScreen voice, video, etc. — and the context of their interactions follows them through the conversation regardless of which operator they are interacting with or by what means. That makes it a virtually effortless experience.  And we know the impact that can have on long-term loyalty.

Look around you–we have evolved into living a digital-first lifestyle.  People live on their screens, and therefore your company must as well. You need to take the final evolutionary step that your customers are already taking.

The Glia Digital Customer Service platform delivers seamless OnScreen experiences.  If you’re ready to reinvent how you serve customers, request a demonstration today.