Six Podcasts Every Customer Experience Leader Should Listen To


At Glia, we can’t help but notice that the most forward-thinking companies are those with leaders who never stop adding to their intellectual toolkits. As our CEO, Daniel Michaeli explains, “Organizations and the people within them have to be lifelong learners.” Here are six podcasts sure to expand any CX leader’s skillset, whatever your reason for tuning in.

If you want to learn from the best of the best…

1. Customer Experience Leaders: This appropriately named podcast takes you behind the scenes of CX-forward companies (e.g., Pandora, Nordstrom) to show you how they have achieved customer experience success. Be sure to check out several episodes in which they invite experts to come in and discuss the particular or unique aspects of CX, e.g., customer journey maps and futurism.

2. Creating Disney Magic: Lee Cockerell, former VPO of Walt Disney World, reveals the steps the entertainment giant actually takes to make its parks the happiest places on Earth. This includes advice for applying those same techniques within your company. With every episode clocking in below 20 minutes, CDM is the perfect productive lunchtime podcast.

If you want to get into your customers’ heads…

3. Intuitive Customer Podcast: CX expert, Colin Shaw, and consumer psychology professor, Ryan Hamilton, host this podcast which breaks down customer behavior with easy-to-understand techniques. Looked at holistically, this podcasts provides a comprehensive course in behavioral economics.

4. The Brainfluence Podcast: Although Roger Dooley has a background in neuromarketing, his insights easily translate to customer experience. Dooley focuses on the art, and science, of persuasion and presentation, but broadens his take with guest experts.

If you want to think a little outside your box…

5. Idea to Value: In need of some creative inspiration? Tune into this inspiring podcast, in which host Nick Skillcorn provides evidence-based insight into the mechanisms of innovation and how they can be applied to any sort of job or endeavor.

6. With Friends Like These: Anyone serious about customer experience is thinking about ways in which to connect with all sorts of people with all sorts of biases and behavioral patterns. Renowned pundit, Ana Marie Cox, invites guests with a wide variety of conflicting opinions to figure out how we can all speak and listen to one another thoughtfully, even if we disagree. This is a thought-provoking podcast, not just in regards to customers, but colleagues, too.