Revisiting 3 Digital Customer Service Themes From 2022

Revisiting 3 Digital Customer Service Themes From 2022

As the holiday season is upon us, we’re taking time to reflect on an epic year for both Glia and our clients. Our blog has been our go-to way to share our thoughts and feelings about the industry, and the perfect place for you to learn more about how Digital Customer Service (DCS) can help spread cheer well beyond the holidays. Here are three themes that stood out in our conversations and on our blog: Grab your favorite holiday drink, cozy up by the fireplace, and enjoy this holiday reading list.

1. Security and Confidence in the Cloud 

Perhaps no industry is more dependent on reliable and secure digital service than financial services, yet online outages and data breaches have become all-too-common occurrences. These can end up halting business with little to no warning, completely erasing trust among users in the process. The challenge for financial institutions is to prepare for unforeseen disruptions—expect the unexpected. Our articles highlight how DCS meets the demands of security, reliability, and scalability, and provide key considerations for evaluating fintech providers.

2. Offering Comprehensive Communication Channels

To maintain and grow your business, it is imperative that you meet customers where they are and in their “moments of truth.” This can range from offering smart virtual assistants who can handle routine inquiries, to engaging through SMS to really be where customers are already comfortable chatting. Ensuring a wide variety of robust communication options creates consistently positive experiences for all customers and members, no matter their preferences. Read more in our articles: SMS Can Energize Your Customer Experience and Accelerating Conversational AI for Digital Customer Experience.

3. DCS is More Than a Daydream

This year on our blog, we challenged readers to bring their visions for ideal customer service to life. We wanted to propose that a next-level customer service experience isn’t just aspirational, but achievable, and demonstrate how DCS can bring these goals into reality. Here are a few inspirational articles to help you bring the power of DCS into focus:

Digital Customer Service can improve your season’s greetings. We hope that 2023 brings success for you and your organization.