Haunted Over the Holidays: How Digital Customer Service Improves Your Seasons Greetings

How Digital Customer Service Improves Your Season’s Greetings

We’ve all been there: reliving the horrors of a service interaction that went sideways or navigating a phone tree that feels more like a haunted house than a stroll down Candy Cane Lane. But this holiday season, no tricks are needed to make delivering customer service a treat for employees, customers, and members.

The holidays bring a hustle and bustle: consumers flock to retail outlets for last-minute gifts and savvy account holders scurry to close out year-end financial plans and budgets. With this hustle and bustle comes increased urgency and demand for seamless and personalized service.

While more than half of your customers and members are likely to reach out during the holidays—whether for balance or charge inquiries, fraudulent activity, funds transfers, or lending to cover holiday purchases—financial institutions can prepare ahead of time to manage this increased activity. Before your queues are lit up like a Christmas tree, have you considered how you are going to provide seamless customer and member communications throughout the holidays? 

Deliver Digital Delight

Digital Customer Service can keep you on the “Nice” list this holiday season and beyond. With the right technology mix, you can:

  • Give service representatives the gift of clarity and context in their interactions
    Using OnScreen Collaboration tools like CoBrowsing and Live Observation, your representatives are in the co-pilot’s seat to guide visitors to the right outcomes. Adding visual context to traditional phone calls enables your representatives to navigate callers through your online properties without playing the game of 20 questions.
  • Put a bow on satisfaction with multiple OnScreen engagement options like voice, video, SMS, and chat
    This holiday season, your account holders will be thankful for the option to engage at their point of need. Whether they are inquiring about a balance via chat in a crowded shopping mall or sending a quick text inquiry between holiday parties, your account holders will appreciate the personalized, seamless support. Enabling transitions between each engagement option and a single view of the customer interaction will give your representatives something to celebrate too.

  • Wrap-up routine interactions with self-service and virtual assistants
    Including AI-powered tools in your tech stack can be like having a team of magical elves from Santa’s workshop. Routine service inquiries can be routed to pre-built AI assistants, freeing up your representatives to concentrate on high-value interactions. Through smart automation, inquiries can be efficiently routed to the right virtual or human agent with full context. Further, your representatives benefit from Lightning Messages and autocomplete functionality which increases their efficiency and reduces repetitive tasks.

As the gauntlet of the holiday season is upon us, is your financial services contact center ready? You don’t have to be haunted by the holidays. Digital Customer Service can help you stay on the “Nice” list with automation tools, seamless communication choices, and OnScreen Collaboration. With Glia, you can deliver service and communications that both account holders and representatives will be thankful for.