justin dipietro

On the latest episode of Movers & Shakers, our Co-Founder & COO, Justin DiPietro, sits down to discuss the hype around conversational artificial intelligence (AI) and offers insight into how Glia views the future of bots.

According to Justin, Conversational AI, most often in the form of ‘chatbots’, typically falls into one of two categories, logical conversation or natural language processing (NLP). Logical AI essentially acts like a form that gets filled out, but is structured as a conversation. Justin considers this category to be the weaker option and not true AI.

NLP, however, is a more viable artificial intelligence option. Much like the Alexa, NLP bots attempt to recognize what you are saying, process it, and then spit back relevant information from it. For these reasons, NLP is highly applicable for creating effective conversational AI.

Justin defines conversational AI as bot-driven customer communications. Essentially, Conversational AI describes someone having a conversation with a computer. That computer understands what you are saying, and produces a response based on that context.

Finally, in this episode, Justin outlines his “AI Kaizen” plan for effective rollout of Conversational AI for a company. According to the plan, businesses will systematically move from full human-to-human to full AI-to-human conversation with intermediary AI-assisted human and human-assisted AI chat phases.

If your organization is considering the addition of chatbots, this podcast episode is not to miss. For a more detailed look at Glia’s framework for responsible AI rollout, please download our Conversation AI white paper.