Introducing Glia Cortex: Responsible AI for Financial Institutions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has exploded with unique possibilities and bold promises, but the stakes are monumental in a highly regulated industry. There is no room for trial-and-error learning.

For every new innovation and exciting development in the AI space, there’s an equally frightening story or oversight, such as a Chevrolet dealership’s AI-powered chatbot selling a 2024 Chevy Tahoe for $1 or a ChatGPT bug causing the popular AI solution to spout gibberish responses for several hours. There’s an enormous amount of potential to be found in AI, but there’s just as much reason to be cautious and ensure any future integrations are done in a responsible, compliant manner. 

Financial institutions are looking for ways to benefit from the potential efficiency gains of AI, without running into potential issues down the line. 

Glia has built a new way to catch the AI wave–one that’s responsible and, for the first time ever, built exclusively for financial institutions. 

Glia Cortex: Your Responsible AI Platform

Incorporated throughout Glia’s Unified Interaction Management platform, Glia Cortex provides AI in every area of the customer service experience. It also does so safely, embedded seamlessly into existing workflows for immediate value. 

Glia Cortex provides a number of key differentiators that makes it ideal for financial services who want the rewards of AI-powered functionality without all the unnecessary risk:

One For All: AI Tools for Everyone

Glia Cortex embeds AI into the Glia platform that everyone involved in customer interactions can benefit from: 

  • AI for Customers includes our Glia Virtual Assistant (GVA), an AI-powered chatbot for both phone and digital interactions. This battle-tested solution can help automate up to 60% of customer interactions, freeing up your staff’s time for more crucial inquiries.
  • AI for Agents includes a suite of AI tools designed to automate and streamline agent workflows, including automating wrap-up surveys, generating transfer summaries, and AI suggested answers and key information for agents in real-time.
  • AI for Managers helps to gather valuable insights on your contact center data: This includes tools that scan interactions and answer any typed question about them, or the ability to generate graphs of your call center data on-the-fly.

AI Efficiency Meets Human Responsibility 

Glia believes that AI should be treated almost like a new intern: Great for helping out and increasing your efficiency, but they should never be put behind the wheel and left unsupervised.

 All of Glia Cortex’s implementations of AI make sure that humans are always within easy reach of these new tools, and always available to customers who need them. 

For critical use cases, like interacting directly with customers, Glia builds AI Assistants on top of its Glia Knowledge Bank, a single source of answers and content that an FI has reviewed and approved to use. This ensures that with Glia Cortex, your AI Assistant will only ever say what you want it to say. 

When we use generative AI, we ensure that there is always a human in the loop to review and edit if needed. The result is a suite of powerful AI solutions, that deliver real value without introducing new risks.

Financial Grade Security

As part of the Glia UIM platform, Glia Cortex also takes advantage of Glia’s intensive security measures. While there are concerns over the security of data being shared with AI solutions, especially in the financial sector, Glia Cortex complies with all of the same security standards that the rest of the platform does. This ensures that you and your customers’ data stays secure. 

Glia Cortex is a part of Glia’s extensive commitment to providing Responsible AI tools for financial institutions that cater to their specific industry needs. These tools will provide real, tangible efficiency gains while also being certain to put safety and responsibility above jumping into the hype cycles of new technologies.

Want to learn more about Glia Cortex? Read our press release, or book a personalized demo.