Major Upgrade to Glia Call Center Streamlines Phone and Digital Engagements Within Glia’s Interaction Platform

Meet customers where they are. This simple phrase has been transformative in helping financial institutions improve their customer service experience. By offering SMS, chat, on-screen voice and video service options—ideally as part of a seamless engagement platform—businesses are aligning to customer expectations while creating new efficiencies. 

But even as preference for digital channels continues to grow, a large number of customers still opt to call in for service. That means meeting customers on the telephone (and typically supporting a call center to handle those phone engagements). The challenge is in managing the shifting interaction mix. Most financial institutions have two or more disparate systems to staff customer service needs, creating a digital disconnect that is highly inefficient on multiple levels.

To overcome this challenge, Glia introduced Glia Call Center (formerly Glia Phone) to unify traditional phone and digital engagements within a single platform. By pairing traditional calls with Digital Customer Service (DCS), financial institutions can consolidate staffing, administration and reporting, while offering a seamless experience across phone and digital channels. 

In fact, Glia Call Center brings digital advantages to callers. Because 84%+ of all callers are on or near a digital screen, with Glia Call Center the service team can offer callers online collaboration. By simply entering a ‘CoBrowse’ code, customers can allow service reps to guide them online, greatly accelerating resolution while boosting satisfaction—bridging the phone-to-digital connection. 

Staffing, Admin and Reporting Efficiencies

Glia Call Center breaks down service silos, bringing all interactions together within Glia’s ChannelLess™ Interaction Platform. Financial institutions can staff all engagements with a single team and streamline training, resulting in greater productivity while improving the employee experience. Unifying routing, administration and reporting creates efficiencies that save costs and time for financial institutions. 

Centralize Automation 

Automation can add more value to the overall DCS solution. As part of the Glia Call Center upgrade, Glia’s Interaction Platform now enables a single native conversational AI solution for both text and voice-based automation. A combination of virtual assistants, such as chatbots for digital engagements, and Intelligent Virtual Assistants or IVAs for phone and digital voice engagements can deliver a consistent customer experience for automated guidance. This reduces the complexity of managing separate automation solutions across multiple platforms, leading to cost savings and reduced staffing needs, including AI-based after-hours service. 

GCC Driving Success

More than 20% of our clients are already using Glia Call Center to bring traditional phone interactions together with digital channels as part of Glia’s Interaction Platform. This includes major financial institutions who have achieved greater efficiency, while improving the overall customer experience. 

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