The Harmonizer CX: What’s Your CX Personality?


Customer Experience, or CX, is the collection of interactions between a business and its customers. The customers’ perceptions of this experience and the resulting feelings about the company dictate brand value and are measured with metrics such as NPS. Brand value ultimately determines the company’s future and longevity.  As such, understanding your personal approach to CX is critical.

To evaluate your own CX approach, consider discovering your CX personality.  While no one personality type is better than the other, each one comes with it’s own strengths and weaknesses. By taking this quiz, you can identify the strengths that drive your growth and zoom in on the weaknesses that could use some work. Fix up those vulnerabilities, and you’ll be on your way to providing the ideal customer experience in no time.


Taking the Harmonizer approach to CX means that you are an empathic and idealistic people’ person.  You excel at connecting with your customers quickly on a personal level and feel genuinely close to them, allowing you to quickly ascertain their needs in a product.  You uniquely have the ability to follow your customers’ feelings throughout engagements and adjust your methods accordingly so they leave each interaction happy and satisfied.

Strengths List

  • Connects well with people
  • Skilled conversationalists
  • Empathic to customers’ feelings and reactions
  • Highly cooperative, team player
  • Able to influence based on personal connections

 Weaknesses List

  • Can have difficulty making decisions
  • Can focus too much on feelings, too little on results
  • Can have trouble remaining objective
  • Can struggle to establish an independent identity in a group


Providing the ultimate CX truly does require the provider to connect with the customer personally, but an equal focus must be applied to objectively solving the problem they came with for long term customer satisfaction.  As the CX provider, you know your product better than your customers.  At times, you must therefore be able to vocally disagree with them and propose the solution that will truly fulfill their needs.


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