The Logical CX: What’s Your CX Personality?


Customer Experience, or CX, is the collection of interactions between a business and its customers. The customers’ perceptions of this experience and the resulting feelings about the company dictate brand value and are measured with metrics such as NPS. Brand value ultimately determines the company’s future and longevity.  As such, understanding your personal approach to CX is critical.

To evaluate your own CX approach, consider discovering your CX personality.  While no one personality type is better than the other, each one comes with it’s own strengths and weaknesses. By taking this quiz, you can identify the strengths that drive your growth and zoom in on the weaknesses that could use some work. Fix up those vulnerabilities, and you’ll be on your way to providing the ideal customer experience in no time.

Are you the Logical CX?


Taking the Logical approach to CX means that you are a fiercely intelligent problem solver.  You take pride in your ability to remain rational and open-minded as you strategize and naturally approach every interaction with a consultative mindset. In other words, you quickly identify the customer’s ailment and are immediately hunting for solutions instead of following a set pitch.  You instinctively customize each experience to the customer’s underlying issue.

Strengths List

  • Rational and open minded
  • Straightforward problem solver
  • Skilled strategic thinker
  • Able and willing to work independently
  • Strong-willed and Confident

Weaknesses List

  • Can appear withdrawn or aloof
  • Can be condescending
  • Can have difficulty projecting strong emotions
  • Can be more interested in solving the problem than pleasing people


Providing the ultimate CX is decidedly about giving customers exactly what they need, but is also about being able to provide what they want.  Beyond the result of the customer engagement, it is important to consider the details of conversation and how you personally make your customers feel at the end of your interaction.  This has an immense impact on customer retention rates as well as your company’s overall brand.