Glia Voices: Views on DEI

Glia Voices is a new Q&A blog series that explores employee perspectives on current topics ranging from workplace trends to company initiatives and Glia culture. 

In this inaugural edition Glia’s Director of Sales Engineering, Arthur Bouie, focuses on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) here at Glia. He formed the company’s DEI Committee and currently serves as the chair. 

Arthur sat down with Marie Vlad, a Senior Strategic Customer Success Manager, to get her thoughts on DEI and what it means to her. She joined Glia in 2019 and hit the ground running, working with some of Glia’s largest customers. Marie started in Glia’s New York City office and relocated to Miami as Glia went remote to allow employees to work from anywhere. She socializes by trying out different group studio fitness classes and has become a big fan of classes that include an ocean-front view. 

Arthur: Hi Marie. Tell me, what does DEI mean for you personally and why is it important?

Marie: “DEI is important because it prevents us from becoming a complacent and homogenous organization as our footprint and voice grows in this industry.”

Arthur: How does DEI enhance the Glia experience, from your perspective? 

Marie: “DEI encourages employees to speak up and advocate for matters that affect the subgroups we represent or are a part of. With so much exciting growth happening across our company as well as the Digital Customer Service (DCS) and fintech space in general, it is refreshing to talk about other topics that impact our daily lives and relationships. Being a part of this group helps me feel like I am doing my part for the long term betterment of the company”.

Arthur: Did Glia’s DEI commitment influence your decision to join the company?

Marie: “Yes. As a minority woman entering a male dominated industry, I was seeking a company where different attitudes, opinions, and backgrounds are not only involved but embraced. It was important for me to see that each and every person has access to the same opportunities.”

Arthur: So glad to have you on our Glia team, Marie. Thanks so much for sharing your views. 

To learn more about DEI at Glia, visit our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion page or check out our FAQ for working at Glia.