Check out these 5 fantastic conferences for sales and marketing nerds all around the country!

TechCrunch Disrupt

Upcoming:  December 7-8, 2015

Location:  London, UK

Disrupt is a fantastic event for sales entrepreneurs because of the vast networking opportunity.  Not only does the association with TechCrunch make this conference popular, it also has made a name for itself with multiple events per year that are held all over the world.  The hackathon that comes at the end of the conference and all the new companies launching provides access to the ‘next big thing’.  Not to mention, the opportunity to live-blog Disrupt would be a great addition to any company’s content strategy.

Sales Stack

Upcoming:  November 10, 2015

Location:  San Francisco, CA

Organized by Sales Hacker, Sales Stack focuses directly on sales for tech companies.  Some of the masters in the field will be there, from Google to SalesForce.  While this will be a great networking opportunity as well, Sales Stack will also be a highly educational event.  The basics of sales and the theories behind success are easily found online or in books, but well executed strategy is best learned from the pros themselves.  Luckily, aside from the long list of presentations on the day of the conference, Sales Stack will also be hosting a Workshop Day on November 9th.  What better way to network and engage in hands-on learning at the same time?

Forrester B2B Marketing Conference

Upcoming:  October 18-19, 2016

Location:  Miami, FL

This conference is all about the new trends and changes in B2B markets.  A massive point shared by marketing and sales is the customer research step.  Both marketers and salespeople must fully understand their target consumer or audience in order to reach them effectively.  Both are able to come together at this event to share challenges and findings that will shape the future of B2B selling.

Inbound by HubSpot

Upcoming:  November 8-11, 2016

Location:  Boston, MA

This one is huge. By coining the phrase, “inbound marketing,” HubSpot has become an undeniable central player in the Sales and Marketing Industries.  Particularly for startups, Inbound offers the opportunity to meet the best of the best, learn from the pros, and grow from recent, successful campaigns.  Inbound also provides a platform to see the most cutting-edge innovations come to life – the best opportunity to check out the competition!

B2B Marketing Forum

Upcoming:  Unknown

Location:  Boston, MA

MarketingProf’s annual conference is less about listening to a bunch of inspiring people and more about doing stuff with a bunch of inspiring people. Each session reads like a workshop rather than a lecture. Going through the conference means coming out with real, tangible materials to continue working off of.