I changed automobile insurance providers like socks in my twenties, always chasing the best deal. I had literally never made a claim, so, in my mind, I was simply out for the least expensive coverage on the market. At one point, that happened to be my insurer (let’s call it Insurance Company International – ICI for short). Somehow, 12 years later, they remain my automobile insurance provider.

It boggles my mind somewhat to think how much I’ve paid my insurer over the years, but it’s a legal requirement and I prefer to stay on the good side of Johnny Law. If I reflect on why I’ve stayed with ICI all of these years, it always comes back to the idea of listening to the customer’s request, executing it and concluding the interaction in an efficient and effective manner, all with a friendly and accommodating demeanor. 

Honestly, I probably reach out to ICI on average once per year. However, every time I do, I am greeted immediately by a live, cheery representative whose job satisfaction seems to seep through the phone. They so consistently strike a balance between making the customer feel comfortable and executing the task swiftly. These brief interactions have always stood out to me as a beacon of how customer service should be. I have sung the praises of ICI for over a decade as a result.

If I’m able to distill my overwhelmingly positive view of ICI down to the two primary driving forces, I would do so as such:

  • Comfort/Confidence Level: I always leave every call with ICI confident that they accomplished the task I set out to achieve.
  • Perception of Efficiency: I am greeted quickly and I always feel as if I concluded my interaction in less time than I assumed it would take.

Our experiences crystallize our opinions and an overwhelmingly positive, albeit brief, customer experience can drive brand loyalty for many, many years, particularly in the financial services industry. Glia’s solutions help financial institutions accomplish these objectives, while leveraging technology that brings you closer than ever before to your customer. I had to pick up the phone to call ICI…imagine if you can achieve the same level of satisfaction and personalized service and I didn’t even need to dial a phone number? That is Digital Customer Service.