At Glia, we pride ourselves on being a leading provider of Digital Customer Service by improving how Credit Unions serve their members in today’s digital world. With the pandemic accelerating an organization’s digital initiatives, Glia gained 20 new Credit Union clients in 4 short months.

These 20 Credit Unions represent over $45 billion in assets under management and service over six million members across the country. By partnering with Glia, these Credit Unions are making the shift to a digital-first approach to service which will ultimately save them time, reduce costs and improve the overall experience for members.

Glia enables Credit Unions to meet their members where they are and communicate using the channel of their choice. By seamlessly allowing members to switch from chat, to audio to video and layering in CoBrowsing and Screen Sharing make for a top notch member experience and also allow agents to operate more efficiently.

If you’re interested in getting started with Digital Member Service right now, request a personalized demo!