It’s the Ultimate in Customer-Centricity

Virtually every company says they are focused on their customers more than ever before. It’s increasingly common for companies to build their brand loyalty around statements like:

  • We’re totally customer-centric
  • We’re all about our customers
  • We’re obsessed with our customers

But to achieve true customer-centricity, you have to stop thinking ABOUT your customers, and start thinking LIKE them. You should see the world the way they see it

In analyzing feedback from customers of companies that are transforming to Glia’s Digital Customer Service (DCS) platform, it’s important to understand what it was about that experience that made it so memorable.

Here’s what that sounds like in their own words:

The first reason customers love DCS interactions is that they’re just happy to not have to ever call that company again on the phone. Most customers feel like they have evolved past using the phone for information or services in today’s digital-first world:

“Via phone call it was very hard to get answers. This time (in DCS), I got everything I needed.”

– Customer of major bank

“I love the virtual branch, it is so quick and easy to use. I appreciate that there are different options to connect.”

– Member of a regional credit union

(Customer-Centric Thought): I am “done” with having to call Customer Service on the phone. I do everything on my own screen these days, and that’s the option I’m looking for when I have a need for Service.

The second reason is the obvious one–the ease and simplicity of DCS.

“I just CoBrowsed with an agent. It was the best thing EVER! So much easier”

– Customer of a regional insurance company

One insightful customer was even more self-analytical:

“CoBrowsing was very helpful because I tend to develop tunnel vision mentally when following directions on screen and that little arrow just pulled my eyes to where they had to be.”

– Member of a regional credit union

(Customer-Centric Thought): When I have a problem or need something–please just GUIDE me to the right place. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be doing but if you tell me where to go, I will happily go there. Customer preference for being “guided” in digital interactions is nearly universal.

And the third reason that customers love the way a DCS experience feels to them is a subtle but powerful one:  It reaffirms the wisdom of their decision to be YOUR customer by helping them feel smarter about themselves.  

“I’m really bad with technology and I was still able to start an engagement. The agent helped me with what I needed and saved me a trip.”

– Customer of a major insurer

“[An] Excellent tool to communicate with an agent just like at the branch without leaving our house”

– Customers of a Latin American health insurer 

(Customer-Centric Thought): I am no longer dependent on having someone else when I need help. I felt smarter and more capable. I am always inclined to be loyal to people–and companies–that make me feel smarter about myself.

If you really love your customers, your organization needs to serve them the way they love to be served–on their own screens. That’s why DCS is the ultimate in customer-centricity.