How many interactions does your organization have with customers every month (visits to your website/mobile app, and phone calls to your call center)? What’s the total number? 

What if you could get almost all of them “right?” Sounds great…but what is “the right interaction?” No matter what organization you work for, it would have to be some combination of:

  • The most efficient (cost-effective, fastest first call resolution/FCR, lowest handle time)
  • The most effective (for optimizing revenue and adhering to regulatory compliance)
  • The best experience (lowest-effort for customers, resulting in high NPS).

Of course, the best “right” interaction would be one that accomplishes all of those goals simultaneously, right? 

After two decades of researching customer experience and customer service, it is exciting to share that through our enhanced understanding of customer digital behavior, there IS a way to match the right interaction, with the right customer, at the right time–every time they contact you.

It’s called an Interaction Strategy–a new way to engineer customer interactions, so each customer is automatically guided to the exact right type of interaction to meet their specific need at the moment they are contacting you.

At first, that might sound nearly impossible–I mean, how many different customers have how many different kinds of needs, and how could you ever “match” each one of those to the right interaction type?

Here’s the thing: In analyzing the well over 2-billion interactions that have flowed through the Glia Interaction Platform, we’ve discovered that virtually every customer issue type (the reason they’re contacting you) falls predictably into one of just four categories of need.

And here’s where it gets really good: Each of the four categories corresponds directly to the interaction type that’s “right” for customers who are experiencing that exact need.

Based on our analysis of customer behavior and loyalty in today’s digital-first on-screen world, we can now know with a high degree of confidence which need types are best served through automated assistance and which require live assistance–sometimes through messaging and other times through on-screen voice or video. This is the idea behind an Interaction Strategy.

By matching the right interaction type (the most efficient and effective for the company) to the exact need a customer has at that moment–you and your organization can consistently deliver world-class results. This is a new opportunity to redefine how you interact with your customers.

To help you get started, Glia has now begun to schedule Interaction Strategy Workshops for you and your team. These are offered at no cost and can be configured as a half-day live workshop event, or a 1-hour virtual event.  

If you’d like to learn more about these team workshops to help you develop an interaction strategy, and to start experimenting with matching customer needs to the “right” interaction type, please send an email and we can set up some time to talk.

The concept of an Interaction Strategy is a breakthrough new idea for financial services companies that makes total sense in today’s environment, and we’re excited to share more about what we’ve been learning.