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Empowering your agents through technology

As the customer experience becomes more of a focus for businesses, companies are doing more to ensure their employees have the necessary tools to deliver a positive experience at every customer touchpoint. This is especially true in the contact center – where each customer engagement weighs heavily on their overall experience and satisfaction. So, how do we ensure that support agents have all the tools and context they need to go above and beyond without having the burden of leveraging a slew of new technology and software solutions?

At Glia, we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to empower the contact center to do more with less. This has been a major factor in how and why we created OmniCore, our all-in-one Omnichannel customer engagement platform.

In our minds, the optimal support agent workstation should be comprised of two primary technology solutions: a System of Record and a System of Engagement.

A System of Record is a platform that contains all of your customer data. Typically, this technology solution is connected to many different applications – all funneling different pieces of the customer data puzzle to a core platform. The System of Record is vital in painting a full picture of the customer for a company and their support agents. The most popular example of a System of Record is Salesforce. We feel that an agent should always have their System of Record open and on their screen.

A System of Engagement, on the other hand, is a platform that facilitates and manages all of your customer engagements. A popular example is our OmniCore platform. By having a true omnichannel platform, companies are able to roll all of their engagement statistics into a single source, which can then easily be pushed to the System of Record through a single integration. We feel that an agent should also always have their System of Engagement open and on their screen. For this reason, a dual-screen setup is recommended.

Together, the System of Record and System of Engagement provide a comprehensive view of the customer – allowing a company agent to have full context of the customer before they engage them across all channels. Leveraging both systems ensures a customer-centric approach to support, which leads to reduced customer effort (CES) and higher customer satisfaction (CSAT).