Using Live Web Observation to Improve Customer Support

As customer expectations rise, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to provide a positive customer experience. Today, regardless of industry, customers expect immediate support, accurate answers to their questions, and ultimate convenience. It’s simply not enough to just be better than your competition. Instead, you’re expected to match the experience offered by companies like Amazon or Apple – which becomes more obtainable by utilizing live web observation. 

Providing an experience that meets or exceeds the heightened expectations of the customer is difficult. To do so, companies need to anticipate customer issues before they’re called upon to remedy them.

Fortunately, the ability to get support agents and customers on the same page immediately is very real and happens to be a central feature of our OmniCore customer engagement platform.

Visual Engagement

For many of the companies delivering a best-in-class customer experience, visual engagement technology serves as their secret weapon. In a recent research piece, Forrester found that companies “increasingly leverage visual engagement — video, CoBrowsing, screen sharing, and annotations — to cut through the customer conversation clutter, to be better understood, and to [better] connect [with their customers] emotionally”.

Of the visual engagement tools previously mentioned, CoBrowsing has captured the most attention from today’s most innovative companies. CoBrowsing (or collaborative browsing) allows for the simultaneous browsing and engaging of a webpage by two or more parties. While most CoBrowsing solutions stop there, Glia takes CoBrowsing a step further.

Introducing Live Web Observation

While technically part of CoBrowsing, Live Web Observation offers companies unique value for improving their customer support. Live Web Observation enables company agents to receive a “live look” into their website visitors current browsing sessions. Acting as a silent observer, the agents can get a sense of what a visitor is trying to accomplish or what issues they might be facing prior to beginning an engagement.

This goes a long way in allowing agents to provide immediate support that resolves customer issues quickly and efficiently. In essence, the agents are given a head start which saves both the customer and agent time.

With regard to privacy, Live Web Observation does not provide agents a view of a customer’s personal information. Sensitive form fields are masked and sections of the site containing personal information are hidden from view.

From Live Web Observation to CoBrowsing

There are currently several companies leveraging Glia’s Live Web Observation. It’s no coincidence that these companies are leaders within their industry with regard to customer experience and satisfaction. A common theme between these companies is a higher percentage of CoBrowsing usage during customer engagements. We’ve found that companies who leverage CoBrowsing in customer engagements see as much as a 140% increase in online conversion and 24% increase in customer satisfaction (CSAT).

Live Web Observation is a natural lead-in to CoBrowsing because it puts visual context immediately in front of the agent. Knowing where to start when offering support to  a customer is almost an unfair advantage – enabling companies to provide a customer experience that exceeds expectations.