Support Callers With Enriched, Visual Context

According to a BCG survey, 86% of bankers said that their “banking technology infrastructure is complicated and a hindrance to quickly enabling digital interactions with their customers.” If this sounds familiar, you are clearly in good company. While digital transformation is an ongoing process, your institution can make some smaller changes easily that can help both your institution and your customers’ digital experiences dramatically. 

As digital transformations continue, financial institutions find themselves working to combine legacy systems, such as IVRs, with innovative technology. IVRs can be frustrating for some callers, if it takes too long to speak to the right person. Even if they end up talking to the right person, having to repeat the same information and explain what they are looking for online extends the time to resolution and causes people to prematurely end the conversation, leading to lower conversion rates and dipping customer satisfaction. So, what can help stem this downward trajectory? Visual context. 

Untie the blindfold

Let’s take an example of an authenticated online banking user who wants auto loan information. They are having trouble finding auto loan rate information. They also wonder if there is an application available online and if there is, how long it will take to complete. The digital customer calls into the contact center. If the representative doesn’t have the tools to visually understand where the customer is looking on their site, they will feel blindfolded, making it challenging to effectively assist the customer. On the other hand, if the representative has visual context tools to use, they can untie the blindfold quickly and easily to guide the customer successfully. 

Shorten resolution time and increase conversions

With OnScreen Collaboration tools like Call Visualizer, CoBrowsing, and video, the representative creates instant visual engagement with the caller and sees in real-time where they are stuck or hesitant. To help with deeper inquiries, the rep asks the online banking customer for permission to CoBrowse and serves as an online coach through the process, ensuring that all points of confusion are removed. This visual toolkit helps increase digital adoption, shorten the time to resolution, and increase call conversions by 2-3 times. 

No wonder the benefits of visual context tools seem to be catching on. In fact, 66.8% of financial services organizations surveyed by Metrigy, a research and strategy advisory firm, stated that they will be using visual engagement tools with their customers by the end of 2022. Our clients are reaping these benefits too. 

To learn more about one of Glia’s visual engagement tools, visit our CoBrowsing web page.