SaleMove + CoreOS

Security is one of the pillars of the Glia platform. As such, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the integrity of our code, tools, and infrastructure.

Earlier this year, when our tech team were deep in the process of migrating Glia’s infrastructure to Kubernetes, we attended KubeCon Europe in London. The conference was a blast – amazing talks on the future of the platform and real-world use cases how Kubernetes is powering non-trivial, HA systems. One group of presenters that made an exceptional impression on our team was CoreOS.

CoreOS’s mission is to “secure the internet”. To do so, they offer a container-oriented operating system with a focus on security (coincidently named “CoreOS”). Some of the feature we love:

    • Automated security updates
    • No bloatware – minimal OS with less to break (and break into)
    • Everything designed for scale and availability – CoreOS promotes GIFEE
  • Support of the Kubernetes community – cluster management and much more

The security+Kubernetes drive of CoreOS immediately resonated with us at Glia. Staying on top of security updates and ensuring the integrity of our hosts are some of the top concerns of our Infrastructure & Security team.

The SM tech team is happy to announce that we completed the latest infrastructure roll out to our production systems – we are now fully on the latest stable Kubernetes 1.4 and Core OS. The task has been viagra bestellen no small feat for our team. We’ve done extensive testing and evaluation of CoreOS in our Alpha and Beta environments, ensuring a smooth, seamless transition for both our application developers and customers.

Looking toward the future, we are super excited for the potential of rkt, the CoreOS promoted container engine with emphasis on stability, security and open standards. Rkt is slated to be stable on Kubernetes 1.5. We’re keeping a close eye on the progress of rkt – eager to bring it to our platform.

Adopting CoreOS has been a major milestone in Glia’s quest to bring security to the best customer experiences online!