digital technology

Long thought to be a largely insurmountable feat, plugging mature generations into digital tools has taken on a new level of significance in these unprecedented times.  With credit unions in particular, the chorus over the years has generally been sung to the tune of, “While I am looking to grow, I have an aging membership and it will be incredibly difficult to force them to adopt digital engagement capabilities.”

The pandemic we are experiencing has effectively eliminated the idea of “forcing” your membership to a digital engagement platform, as your members are effectively being compelled to do so by shelter-in-place orders.  It goes without saying that the core of a credit union’s business is the member experience, so those organizations that are best recreating the in-branch experience from a digital perspective will stand out above the rest.  

Credit Unions leveraging Glia’s Digital Engagement Platform are in the best position to provide the most seamless transition from the in-branch experience to a digital member journey.  Utilizing capabilities such as Co-browsing and video for form-fill assistance, co-pilot navigation and even something as simple as a password reset, will empower members to understand how to use the existing infrastructure that is in place, thus leveraging prior investments into member resources.  Your member will presumably use this knowledge the next time they have a need to solve the same issue.

Your member support representatives will also appreciate how much easier their lives will be, as Glia credit unions are able to accomplish more with fewer resources.  By giving them one system of engagement (as opposed to numerous disparate point solutions), you allow them to focus on the member issue at hand as opposed to mastering a complicated workflow.

If you are able to provide positive member experiences at a time when so many people are going through adversity, the lasting impression made on your membership will serve to earn their business for the foreseeable future.