Humanizing the Digital Experience

How Glia is Helping Our Clients Make the List

While convenience is typically the initial inspiration behind digital communications, the personal connections they enable are what drives pervasive adoption. Sharing the human experience across remote groups has been a successful strategy for some of the largest companies in the world. Consider the meteoric rise of social media companies or the success of Zoom—a brand name so common that it’s widely used as a verb now. Apple became a behemoth in part through its smart devices but also popular features such as FaceTime. 

Humanizing the digital experience has accelerated a societal shift toward a digital-first lifestyle where we easily connect with friends, family and peers on-screen. Texting and video chat, in particular, are now preferred by many over an old-timey telephone call.  

Effective Digital Customer Experience Strategy 

Glia’s Digital Customer Service platform enables seamless transitions from SMS to live chat and then to video, for example, for a service experience aligned to digital expectations. Features such as 1- or 2-way video and CoBrowsing for on-screen collaboration further personalize service, driving up both satisfaction and conversion rates.

A growing number of financial institutions have embraced Glia’s DCS solution to provide digital-first service that matches the communications preferences of their members and customers. Delivering a seamless digital experience that feels engaged and highly personal is a top imperative for many Glia clients. 

When American Banker recently published its list of the 50 top financial institutions that ‘humanize the bank customer experience,’ few were surprised that many were Glia clients. This included some of the highest ranking on the list. 

With more options for which provider to use for their banking needs than ever before—from retail banks and credit unions to challenger and online-only banks—consumers can afford to be discriminating about the banking experience they want. The key for banks that are looking to attract and retain those customers is understanding why they chose to bank with one financial institution rather than another

American Banker

Digital Customer Service and the ability to humanize the online experience has become a deciding factor, especially as we become ever more digital in our preferences. Financial institutions that understand that, and enable a highly personal digital experience are starting to pull away from the pack.