High-touch engagement increases conversion

As most of you know by now, Glia’s vision is to meet or exceed the in-person customer experience online. When we refer to the “in-person” customer experience, we think about the high-touch engagements that are possible when doing business face-to-face. Seeing someone’s face, hearing their voice, and being present together are all important pieces of the live customer experience. These are the pieces that we strive to bring online.

We recently connected with one of our customers about the effect that adding the Glia Engagement Platform had on their business (specifically around new customer acquisition) and learned some very interesting things.

The customer, a major US insurance company, came to Glia with the challenge of better leveraging their website for customer acquisition. The company was driving a high volume of traffic to their website, but unfortunately the traffic just wasn’t converting.

Taking a deeper look into the website visitors’ behavior, it appeared that the 5-step quoting process was tripping up potential customers, causing them to drop off before submitting a request.

What if we could proactively turn this customer touchpoint into a high-touch engagement?

Luckily, that is precisely one of SM’s primary use cases! By deploying Glia on this page of their website, we were able to leverage the insurance company’s highly trained agents to assist potential customers through the entire quoting process. With Glia, they could engage prospective customers currently working their way through the quote form using video, voice, chat, and CoBrowsing. In essence, they could provide an in-person experience for the prospect that vastly facilitated the process. .

So, how did the insurance company fare by providing a truly personal guided experience for its prospective customers with Glia?

Quite well, actually. By allowing their agents to focus on providing prospects with the assistance needed in real-time at key moments in the customer journey, the insurance company was able to realize a significant increase in policy bind conversion rate. In fact, their conversion rate skyrocketed to 3.25% from their pre-Glia rate of 0.60% – an incredible 440% increase.

To learn more about how a top US-based Insurance company increased online conversion by 440%, download our newest case study.