Several Glianeers weigh in on the advantages of Flex Work and the impact that our in office and remote work options have on their lives.

Our Flex Work policy has allowed Glia to recruit exceptional new Glianeers from coast to coast within the US, across Estonia and increasingly in other countries, including the UK, Portugal and Spain. But the Work From Home (WFH) or hybrid WFH/office options offer more than a geographically dispersed team. They also enable flexible hours to carve time for family or accommodate personal needs while still contributing fully to the Glia team.

We asked several Glianeers to describe the benefits of Flex Work and the impact it has on their own lives:

Nils Vijard is a business development manager who joined Glia in November 2021: 

I specifically plan each week ahead in order to maximize my productivity. Having the perfect environment for different tasks helps me out immensely. Some days it’s the Glia office in Tallinn. Other days it’s a home office or sometimes it’s a relaxing country house for those longer projects.

I feel like this gives me so much more freedom and helps me to manage my time better. It motivates me,  boosts my morale and keeps me energetic and happy.

Jill Majors is in product marketing and joined Glia in February 2021: 

The ability to work from home has been a game changer for me and my family. If we didn’t have the option to work remotely, I wouldn’t have been able to join Glia. As a resident of the Phoenix, Arizona area, it would’ve been a long commute to the New York City office!

The flexibility in my day is invaluable; I’m enabled to take care of any medical or personal needs (appointments, lab work, etc.) while also getting my job done. I don’t have to worry about the time away from the office because I’m equipped to work from anywhere as needed.

I’m more productive too because I’m in the comfort of my own home.  I can turn off distractions and buckle down when I need to get a project completed. Since I’m the only one at home for the bulk of the day, I have the luxury of a quiet environment with no distracting conversations over the cubicle wall. While I do miss some aspects of collaboration (a lot of ideas come from those “hallway conversations”), I still feel connected with my team. Also, because I don’t have a commute and childcare pick up times to worry about, I can easily put in the extra time needed to perfect a project instead of feeling the time pressures of outside life. 

Astrid Madre is a business development manager who joined Glia in November 2021:

Flex work is very important for me. I can work remotely from my home or from another country. I love to travel, and Estonian winters are long and cold. Flex hours mean I can balance work with my family and spend time with them when they are at home and, if needed, work early in the morning or late in the evenings.

It also means I can visit my sister who lives abroad. We both work during the day and can have time together in the evening. Flex Work is the new normal, and I think employers that want to maintain a good work environment and strong  team have  to enable remote working options. Glia has done this nicely.

Andrea Argueta is a senior customer service manager and credit union specialist who joined Glia in October 2021:

Since I’ve joined Glia I’ve been able to travel back home twice and have worked a total of 6 weeks from Guatemala. It has been great for both me and my daughter to have the time to connect with extended family and have the best of both worlds. Glia has allowed for me to be closer to friends and family, which is something I missed for almost a decade. It means that my daughter gets to build stronger relationships with her grandparents and cousins, and that’s priceless!

Since the impact has been so positive in my life, I am very engaged and invested in Glia. I am committed to giving the best I can because I feel cared for and Flex Work has set me up for success in my professional and personal life.

Glia is always looking for top talent and thanks to Flex Work, we are able to hire great people from virtually anywhere. And we are hiring. To learn more about open positions, visit our employment page or check out our FAQ for working at Glia.