Flattening Secure Messaging Speed Bumps

It’s Time to Remove Friction from Banking Interactions

We recently turned to our trusted regional banking provider when it was time for some long-overdue home renovations. The HELOC (home equity line of credit) application was straightforward, and the pre-approval was quick. Since we had all the documentation we needed beforehand, we assumed a relatively quick and painless loan process, but it dragged out over many, many weeks.

You might assume the delays were from the Financial Institution’s due diligence processes. However, most came from something else—interacting asynchronously via the secure message center in the digital banking portal. Don’t get me wrong; secure messaging (aka secure inbox) in authenticated portals is essential to keep our financial information safe, ensure compliance, and allow the secure exchange of sensitive information and documents any time of day or night.

However, simple interactions, which could have taken minutes, often took 24 to 48 hours for answers in an endless cycle of send, wait, wait more, read, respond, rinse, and repeat. If you’ve ever been on either side of such asynchronous interactions, are you starting to twitch, reliving some of the frustration?

Moving Beyond Asynchronous Silos

One of the problems with current secure messaging solutions is that they’re typically separated from the rest of the consumer interaction stack and are exclusively designed around an asynchronous model. Although convenient for 24×7 indirect communication, it’s unnecessarily complex and time-consuming when both parties are available and could be resolving questions in real time. 

While it is important to prioritize security measures, there is a clear demand for a more user-friendly approach to secure messaging that balances both security and convenience. Addressing this need will undoubtedly increase satisfaction with banking services overall. 

So what if you could exchange secure asynchronous messaging when staff is unavailable (like after-hours) yet escalate to real-time conversations in various convenient channels when representatives are online? Glia Secure Conversations makes that possible!

Best of Both Worlds

Glia Secure Conversations is a messaging solution that blends asynchronous after-hours communications and real-time interactions for authenticated users within digital banking. As part of the ChannelLess™ Glia Interaction Platform, offline secure conversations can be escalated and seamlessly transition between real-time chat, voice, or video, with full context and OnScreen Collaboration when staff is available, enabling Financial Institutions to: 

  • Engage authenticated users securely at any time in the most convenient channels
  • Escalate seamlessly between asynchronous and real-time live or virtual assistance
  • Efficienciently remove duplicative work, conflicting messages, and frustration for all

Pre-integration with digital banking platforms ensures that since consumers need to log into the banking portal to access secure messages, they can safely interact and receive seamless support without additional login and verification. That ensures effortless interactions that drive to resolution rather than forcing everyone to wait for a secure message response. Learn more about Secure Conversations.