Creating the Unbroken Customer Journey

As more companies begin focusing less on price and more on customer experience, our mission to create an unbroken, contextual, and more human customer journey becomes critical to the success of the companies who rely on Glia to communicate with their customers everyday. Our all-in-one customer engagement solutions enable these companies to have deeper, more meaningful, conversations leading to an increase in sales and a decrease in customer effort. One way we accomplish this, is by easing the burden of channel switching, which, according to CEB, typically has the largest impact on customer loyalty.

At FinovateFall 2017 in New York City, our CEO, Dan Michaeli, demonstrated how we helped Deutsche Bank replace a previously fragmented customer journey with an unbroken, seamless one.

In our demo, we highlighted the unbroken customer journey that is made possible with Glia for WISE, Deutsche’s white label rob-advisory platform, by following a typical customer’s journey across three distinct channels: proactive messaging triggered with business logic, live chat with a web concierge, and audio chat (followed by video chat with a human financial advisor). While this particular demo was focused on advisory, this unbroken customer journey could easily be applicable across numerous industries.

Our journey started with a customer browsing their account allocation. Not recognizing the term “Sharpe Ratio”, the customer hovers over the information icon. Sensing the hover, the business logic engine knows that there may be a potential question about the Sharpe Ratio and presents a proactive message to the customer asking if they’d like to chat with a Web Concierge about the investment term. The message was non-obtrusive and highly relevant, which elicits action from the customer who clicks on it and is immediately brought into a chat engagement with the Web Concierge.

The switch from proactive message to live chat was seamless and the Web Concierge’s knowledge and speed to reply were great. What the customer doesn’t know is that the Concierge is being aided by OmniGuide, a conversational AI bot that scans the conversation in real time and provides suggested answers to the Concierge to send to the customer.

The conversation continues through live chat until the customer asks for investment advice, which the Concierge is not legally able to provide. Rather than simply ending the conversation, the Concierge asks if the chat can be transferred to an Advisor. The customer agrees and the simple text chat is transferred to an Advisor and a more appropriate Audio chat begins.

During this demonstration, we’ve gone from proactive messaging, to live chat, to audio chat and there have been no breaks in the customer’s journey. Each channel switch was hardly noticeable and the conversation continued in the same web interface without the customer having to switch applications or devices.

After answering the customer’s questions about asset allocation, the Advisor upgrades the audio chat to video chat – allowing the customer to “put a name to the face” for future engagements, thus forming a relationship and building trust – all without  gaps in the customer journey.

In this example, we were able to show a truly unique omnichannel engagement with multiple instances where most solutions would require a hard channel switch. But, with Glia, Deutsche was able to exceed customer expectations – decreasing the customer’s effort at critical moments of the customer’s journey. This unbroken journey creates more loyal and satisfied customers.

Here’s what some attendees said about our demo: