glia gartner

At the risk of sounding braggadocious, we’re feeling pretty cool at Glia these days. A big part of that is the high that comes from the rare honor of being named a Cool Vendor by Gartner for CRM Customer Service and Support. We’re so excited about it that we licensed the report so we can offer complimentary access to our readers for a limited time.

Besides the personal and professional satisfaction that such recognition brings, what is equally exciting is the further affirmation that the Digital Customer Service (DCS) space that we are so passionate about, is valuable enough to justify having a cool vendor in the first place. Multiple analysts, including Forrester and Gartner have shined a spotlight on DCS in the past year, pointing out the growing demand from [your] customers for seamless, personalized engagements across all touchpoints. 

Speaking of customers, there’s no way we would have even been considered for this recognition without the cool clients we serve. It’s their passion for delivering service excellence to their own customers and members that drives each of us at Glia to do the same for them through our technology and service. Every client is a cool vendor in our eyes, doing cool and innovative things to support their communities – even in challenging times like we’ve all experienced recently. We’re so thankful to play a part in helping them, and their consumers, succeed. 

Many organizations have discovered that Digital Customer Service is the way to deliver excellence now and into the future. Over the next couple of years, the chasm between those who use a DCS strategy and those who don’t will widen significantly. The latter ones won’t look so cool in their [former?] customers’ eyes.

It’s great to be part of a cool vendor organization, doing cool things with cool technology for cool clients in a cool space.