cx journey

On this episode of The CX Show, our co-founder and CEO, Dan Michaeli, sits down with Annette Franz, founder and CEO of CX Journey Inc, a consulting firm that specializes in laying the groundwork required in order to establish a CX strategy that will drive cultural transformation efforts.

When asked to define customer experience, Annette said that it is the sum of all interactions that a customer has with a company over the life of the relationship with that brand. This also includes the perceptions, feelings and emotions that are solicited through those interactions. She went on to talk about the shift in customer experience which she attributes to the rapid rise of technology and businesses taking note of what was going on around them. Back in the day when people would conduct market research, it would take months in the field to gather that information, but with the rise of technology, companies could have answers to their questions in minutes rather than months.

Annette went on to discuss her five phased approach for establishing a customer journey strategy, which are foundation, understanding, future state design, implemental line and monitor and re-assess. She goes on to describe each of the five phases in more detail, detailing tangible tips and suggestions that listeners can implement within their own business models. She also goes on to explain the importance of technology in all phases of journey mapping and how utilizing software programs in the monitor and re-assessment phase could be extremely beneficial and make tracking and utilizing analytics much easier.

When asked about the future of customer experience looked like to her, Annette said that there are two very important components impacting what customer experience was going to look like, and those are data and technology. The future of CX is going to be all about personalizing and simplifying the experience for customers across all channels, and having the right technology to be able to do that.

If you’re interested in hearing more about Annette’s five phased approach to establishing a customer journey strategy, you can listen to the full podcast here!