Introducing the Digital Salesperson


The Role of a Digital Salesperson

Take your average, traditional salesperson. Most people instinctively know a salesperson as someone who is relentless in getting you to purchase one of their company’s product. Images of the pushy and overbearing car salesperson at your local dealership may come to mind.  Now imagine a salesperson supercharged with tools from the technological advancements of the 21st century, making them more responsive than ever. With the onset of the internet age and the rise of internet-based companies, a new type of salesperson has emerged: the digital salesperson.

The digital salesperson performs the role of a traditional salesperson but utilizes the internet and online tools like email and social media to make a sale. They work within the structure of modern contact centers where centralized data-focused processes like call quality control and performance management drive sales strategy. They’re responsible for using various digital channels and resources to pursue sales leads at the top of the sales funnel. Essentially it’s the digital version of the human salesperson.

The Development of Sales Strategy

No longer will leads or prospects need an in-person demonstration or a phone call to be hooked by why your product is the best fit for them. Digitized sales strategy has become an important platform to conduct a sale.

The future of sales prioritizes the mass production of a personalized experience for customers. Doing so requires the finesse to make a sale more of a journey than an end point. Consider Accenture’s interpretation of the role of the digital salesperson at a recent Millennial 20/20 Summit. Accenture has rethought the traditional car dealership into one where the use of technology emerges in the forefront. Virtual reality goggles and smartphones are used simultaneously to craft a unique showroom experience for customers. As the sales process becomes much less transactional and more experiential, it’s up to the digital salesperson to accompany that experience.

Making Digital Sales Commonplace

People’s expectations of a customized digital sales experience has grown steadily in the past few years. Whether for a SaaS business or an online retail company, one of the key tenets of effective digital sales pitches is having an informed answer to tough questions that are asked on the fly. With customers a click away from a search engine, digital salespeople need to have done their research and make their sales pitch quickly in any interaction with a client.

Google found that over 70% of consumers rely on their smartphone for online research more than an in-person sales experience. The underlying conclusion is clear: businesses must have a cohesive way to meet the online sales expectations of their digital savvy clients. Business and contact information readily available online boosts brand awareness and makes it easier for consumers to get to the point of purchase.

The disconnect between traditional sales and the sales methods of today is the pain point Glia aims to eliminate. The tools Glia offers supplement digital salespeople’s ability to provide immediate and long-term value to their clients. With our omnichannel customer-centric platform, salespeople are more able than ever to accurately predict the needs of their customers. In a nutshell, we leverage context to provide the mass-produced customized digital experience consumers today want.

The Challenges of Finding the Right Digital Sales Team

As any management team knows, finding a stellar salesperson is difficult. Having one subpar digital salesperson on your team can result in high costs and a disproportionately tarred brand image. One estimate by the US Department of Labor put the cost of a bad hire at 30% of their annual salary. Considering that the US spends above $1.5 billion annually training salespeople, investing in hiring a strong digital salesperson is well worth it. A concise but accurate description of the skill set necessary for a digital salesperson position is the first step to hiring a great digital sales representative.

Digital sales representatives should be skilled at maneuvering technology and managing customer relationships to present their product to customers. From smartphones and tablets to virtual reality headsets, digital sales representatives should understand how various digital platforms can amplify the attractiveness of your product to clients. With the centralization of data centers, proficiency at using customer relationship management (CRM) tools is a strong asset. Being able to nurture and maintain a loyal customer base is a given as well.

Finding the right sales strategy and software that creates a user-friendly sales experience boosts the digital sales experience both for your company and your customers. Add on a killer digital sales team and you’re ready to take on the informed consumers of the 21st century.