finovate spring 2019 best of show

This past week, we headed back to sunny San Francisco to demo at FinvoateSpring 2019. Glia’s CEO and Co-Founder, Dan Michaeli, took the stage to show everyone the benefits of a digital-first customer journey- which allows banks to start with automation and quickly move customers to a digital engagement to drive conversion rates.

dan michaeli
Dan Michaeli, Co-Founder and CEO, presents Glia at FinovateSpring 2019.

This years demo was focused around OmniGuide, one of Glia’s platforms that provides the framework to deploy one or multiple conversational AI engines across an enterprise. This drives both contact center efficiency as well as quality customer experiences.

Glia’s demo at FinovateSpring 2019- Best of Show.

During the demo, Dan encouraged audience participation and asked everyone to use their mobile phones to connect with him using the OmniGuide platform, and the results spoke for themselves.

finovate spring
finovate spring

If you’re interested in seeing the full demo, click here!