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Enabling Customer Service in Today’s Work From Home Environment

Problem: Forced Closing of Business Locations

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19 affecting people from all corners of the globe, people’s personal and professional lives have been turned upside-down. With the uncertainty, there is no timeline for when we can resume our daily lives, which has sparked a massive increase in employees being instructed to work from home.

Seeing as some businesses cannot shut down completely, we have seen a huge spike in the need for remote agents – problem is many current phone systems lack support OR agents aren’t able to access these systems from home.

However, in these trying times, people need the comfort and support of being able to speak with an agent about their finances and personal information now more than ever. That being said, companies need to ensure that their employees are able to effectively work from home and provide customers with the best support possible.

Solution: Digital Customer Service

Many traditional contact centers are not equipped to handle the challenges we are all currently facing. Most agents are not able to take their computers home with them and continue operating business as usual, and many rely heavily on phone-based conversations.

However, those contact centers who have made the switch to digital-first customer service are able to utilize cloud-based, scalable, flexible platforms, like Glia, to enable agents to operate wherever they have an Internet connection. They can start an engagement in their office, launch CoBrowsing in the kitchen and request a one or two-way video conversation from the bathroom (not that you should but you could.)

How Can Glia Help Your Business and Your Customers?

In this timely 30-minute webinar, Glia will walk you through home agent enablement including:

  • Customer communication launch points (and how to handle them)
  • Inbound phone calls to remote agents
  • How to enable home agents with existing IVR systems
  • Guided communication with CoBrowsing
  • Your next steps

If you want to learn how you can quickly enable customer service with at-home agents, click the following image or link to access our remote agent enablement webinar on-demand.

Be our guest; watch a recorded webinar on quickly enabling home agents

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Stay safe & stay digital-first.