impact customer service

Technology has made customer support faster and easier. Rather than weaving through an IVR or holding on the phone to receive support, today, consumers usually have the option to request support through the company’s website or other digital channels, like social media pages.

While customers can still request support over the phone, more and more customers are turning to digital channels, live chat, as their preferred method.

As live chat becomes common, companies and customers are taking advantage of all that it offers, including:

    • Faster response time
    • Allows customers (and agents) to multitask
  • 24/7 customer support

That said, live chat is not without its challenges, such as:

    • Bots cannot differentiate from pranksters and serious customers
    • Being short staffed on agents
  • Live chat isn’t always mobile-compatible, miscommunication occurs because context is lost  (93% of communication is nonverbal)

Thus, many companies have tasked themselves with addressing and solving these issues while achieving higher ROI and improving the customer experience – looking beyond chat to provide an even better customer experience through the introduction of CoBrowsing.

Where Can You Utilize CoBrowsing In Your Business?

While companies are finding new ways to integrate CoBrowse technology into their businesses, some of the more common ways include:

  • Sales support: While live chat can address queries for ecommerce stores, it can be difficult for these businesses with customizable or high-end products to ensure the best possible support. CoBrowsing can assist agents in walking clients through their options and confirm product specifications.
  • Software support: Allows knowledgeable reps to walk customers through difficult situations like installation and set up.
  • Online application and form completion: Some online systems can be confusing, especially for older customers, however, CoBrowsing easily demonstrates how these systems work. .
  • Online training: CoBrowsing serves as a more effective way for companies to train and onboard their employees.

How CoBrowsing Can Affect Customer Service

CoBrowsing, when combined with other visual engagement platforms, can create a seamless, unbroken customer journey. Here are ways CoBrowsing has impacted customer service and customer experience:

Improves Customer Service

CoBrowsing gives agents access clients’ browsers so they’re able to see the customer’s problems so the agents are able to make informed decisions about the best way to handle the problem. This decreases the average handle time and  saves both the agent and customer time. Response and resolution times are two of the most important customer experience metrics to monitor and track because 71% of online customers expect a response to their inquiry within 5 minutes.

According to a Walker study, customer experience will be the key differentiator between brands, over price and product, by 2020. In addition, a study conducted by Forrester shows that 72% of businesses say that improving their overall customer experience is a top priority.

Improving Customer Satisfaction

Businesses only hear about dissatisfaction from 4% of customers, which means the majority of dissatisfied customers will take their business to a competitor without a word.

Customer satisfaction is a scale for measuring how well a company’s product or service exceeds the customer’s expectation. According to Esteban Kolsky, if customers aren’t satisfied, 13% will tell 15 or more friends about their negative experience and if they’re happy 72% will tell 6 or more friends.

Affecting the Company’s Bottom Line

An increase in customer satisfaction can improve customer loyalty and retention while also bringing in new clients based on referrals.  .

How Does CoBrowsing Impact Customer Service?

CoBrowsing, complemented with existing customer service support, can be very helpful for improving the customer experience and ultimately, your company’s bottom line. It takes your efforts up a notch, which works to both impress and satisfy customers looking for assistance.

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