Woman listening to podcast

At Glia, we know that the most forward-thinking companies are those led by executives who are always searching for new ideas—and new ways to operationalize them. As our CEO, Daniel Michaeli explains, “Organizations and the people who work in them learn from all manner of teachers and examples.” Here are six Podcasts sure to expand any CTO’s skillset, whatever their reason for listening.

1. If you want to hear from your peers: Modern CTO with Joel Beasley

Ever dreamed of having coffee with a Fortune 500 CTO? Here’s your chance. Every week Joel Beasley shares secrets from some of the most successful CTOs at some of the largest organizations in the world (some smaller ones, too). Better still, Beasley’s guests hail from an impressively broad range of industries. Gateway episode: “Ep. 77 Douglas Terrier – CTO of NASA”

2. If you want to keep up with trending technologies: Clockwise

Spend 30 minutes with four charismatic tech gurus who don’t waste time or spare feelings when offering their opinions. If you only have short windows to catch up on tech news, this is the podcast for you.  Gateway episode: “Ep. 261: One of Those Vinyl People”

3. If you’re a woman working in tech: Rocket

Three very smart women—journalist Christina Warren, video game developer Brianna Wu and video producer Simone de Rochefort—chat about anything and everything that’s even remotely tech related. Informed, entertaining, enlightening. (In other words: men working in tech would benefit, too.) Gateway episode: “Rocket 194: iPhone Hypocrisy”

4. If you’re looking down the road: WSJ’s The Future of Everything

Journalist Jennifer Strong explores the future of science and technology in 20-minute episodes that are as thoughtful as they are brief. Few podcasts pack as much information into such little time. Gateway episode: “Welcome to Your 3-D Printed home”

5. If you’re looking behind you: American Innovations

Bestselling author Steven Johnson tells the stories of the greatest scientific discoveries in the past century, breaking down each over multiple episodes. If history indeed repeats itself, this tour of past provides keen insights into the future. Gateway episode: “Nuclear Energy | E = MC Squared”

6. If you want to understand tech at the “operating system” level: CodeNewbie Podcast

The many reasons to try this charming podcast have less to do with honing your coding chops—although you inevitably  will—and more to do with exploring the ecosystem producing today’s programmers, developers and theorists. Gateway episode: “S6: E2 – From librarian to developer”